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Ebox 1.2, elle tue sa race a été créé par stephdl
La sme commence à vieillir :(, et oui les choses bougent....

bien evidemment ce qui est cité, ce sont les evolutions, pour le reste, rendez vous sur leur site....

à vos virtualbox........j'hesite à la passer en prod....c'est costaud une sme...;)

tu ne veux pas essayer winux :p

Hi fellow eBox users!

You favourite development team proudly presents the availability of
eBox platform 1.2. This release represents a big leap towards our goal
of providing the best and most complete easy-to-use open source
unified server for SMEs.

Let us summarize some of the new features of this new version:

* Auto WAN Failover: you can configure tests that will detect and
disable those routers that are not working OK.
* eGroupWare 1.6
* Manage group membership from user screen
* Multi gateways rules use services
* New backup module
* New Monitor Module: CPU, Load, Disk Space, Thermal, Memory
* New Asterisk (VoIP) Module: Users are created with Extensions,
and Voice Mail Boxes. They can make and receive external calls.
Conference Rooms can now be created.
* New IDS Module (Snort)
* Support for multi user conference rooms in Jabber
* Support for most major Dynamic DNS providers
* Support for User/Group Authentication in the Web Proxy Module
* Support for anti-virus in the Web Proxy Module
* Support for categorized URL list such us: urlblacklist or shallalist
* Support for Cache Exceptions and Cache Size
* Support for anti-virus in Samba
* Support for audit log in Samba
* Samba PDC Enhancements: Drive Letter, Password Policies
* New UserCorner, a web interface where users created in eBox will
be able to change their own passwords
* Support for hooks that are run before and after an eBox module
saves its config. This allows you to extend the eBox funcionality via
shell scripts
* Switch from Courier to Dovecot
* New Installer with Curses Interface to select eBox Packages or
an eBox Profile (Gateway, Security, Comms, Infrastructure, Office) to
install. It also includes a L7-filter capable Kernel, and the
necessary modules for Asterisk.
* Reduced memory footprint and increased performance of the UI

= eBox Desktop =

ebox-desktop is a proof of concept software in alpha state of
development. It's an Ubuntu package intended to be installed on the
desktop clients (workstations) of a network managed by eBox platform.
We are happy to announce it at this early stage because we think it
has so much potential, and we would love to get feedback from the

It provides two main features:

* Authentication against eBox LDAP: The user database is stored
only on the eBox server and if you have an account on it you can login
from any machine on the network. This works exactly as the PDC feature
for Windows clients, but in this case with Ubuntu clients.
* Autoconfiguration of desktop clients for the services provided
by eBox (mail, samba, Jabber, VoIP, ...): The first time the user logs
in a machine it creates a home directory with the proper preconfigured

You can read more about eBox desktop [0]

= eBox Technologies =

eBox Technologies is the company behind the development of eBox
Platform. It is a 100% partner-focused company that provides
deployment, support, managed services and certified training for the
Global eBox Partner Network. eBox Platform 1.2 is the first
partner-ready version, as it allows the registration of different eBox
installations in eBox Control Center to facilitate remote access,
managed services and advanced support for a group of eBox networks.
For more information about eBox Partner program please go to here [1]

= Important notes =

== Upgrading ==

Upgrading from 1.0 to 1.2 might fail. We recommend not to upgrade from
1.0 to 1.2 in production. If you upgrade, be prepared to reconfigure
manually some modules. Future releases of 1.2.x should provide a
smooth upgrade.

Transition from eGroupWare 1.4 to 1.6 will wipe out the database, so
please, before upgrading your machine make a backup of the eGroupWare
data using the proper tool on the eGroupWare interface. Once the new
eGroupWare version is installed you will be able to restore the

== Repository ==

We have changed our PPA repositories, from now on every major release
1.2, 1.3, 1.4... will have its own repository. This will allow us to
maintain several releases at the same time.

Here is the APT source for 1.2:

deb hardy main

== Change Log ==

You can read the whole change log here [2].

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en occitan çà existe stephdl ??? :( :( :(

\"Il faut se durcir... mais sans jamais se départir de sa tendresse\" Che Guevara

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du fait que c est une société de barcelone.:) le catalan est la langue officielle.:) pas d autre traduction pour l instant :p
C est pas grave cela reste du latin éloigné.:)

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